Tycoon Lwasa Abandons Pursuit of Women - Claims Shift in Focus


Tycoon Lwasa Abandons Pursuit of Romantic Partners - Claims Shift in Focus

Known for his associations with numerous women, like Desire Luzinda, Vanessa, Angel, Nabatanzi, and others whose names remain undisclosed, the wealthy figure from Masaka has recently experienced a significant change in his lifestyle. 

Lwasa now asserts that he has turned away from seeking relationships with women. This decision stems from his belief that many women are primarily interested in his wealth and possessions.

 He stated, "I no longer have an interest in women. They often display opportunistic tendencies, aiming to benefit from my riches. A lot of them are driven by opportunism, approaching me solely for financial purposes. They manipulate emotions to conceal their true motives."

 Lwasa revealed that his focus has now shifted, and he is dedicating his attention exclusively to his connection with a woman from Masaka.

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