Armed Assailant Shot to death After Attack on family of Five

In Mirimu Zone, Wakiso District, authorities are currently probing a disturbing incident involving an armed intruder who targeted a family of five, demanding a sum of Shs5 million. According to Mr. Luke Owoyesigyire, the spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan Police, the assault transpired during a routine Sunday breakfast, where Ms. Anita Ayebare and her family found themselves under threat.

The assailant, wielding violence as leverage, demanded the cash directly from Ms. Ayebare. When met with refusal, the aggressor redirected their hostility towards Ayebare's four children: Lucia Atuhaire (2), Maria Zoe Ampaire (5), Blair Musiime (7), and Godius Ankunda (14), as detailed in an official statement released by Mr. Owoyesigyire.

Fortunately, the intervention of local residents and law enforcement personnel stationed at Mirimu prevented further harm to the children, although they had already sustained injuries at the hands of the assailant. 

Swift action from both community members and police officers resulted in the assailant's demise as he attempted to flee through the house's ceiling. Subsequently, the deceased perpetrator was transferred to Mulago City Mortuary for postmortem examination, with ongoing efforts to establish his identity and motives.

Meanwhile, the children received urgent medical attention at Nalujja Medical Centre, Bata Bata, Entebbe Road, though their conditions are reported as critical. The investigation into this harrowing incident continues, with authorities committed to uncovering all relevant details surrounding the attack.

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