MP Joyce Bagala Bounced From NUP Headquarters For Siding with Mpuuga

Mityana Woman MP Joyce Bagala on Tuesday went to NUP headquarters in Kavule and was made to fill a form to see Bobi Wine the party President. She had to go to Kavule personally after Bobi Wine refused to take her phone calls nor reply her WhatsApp messages.

She was advised to go and apologize after the Friday meeting she called at Mackhan Hotel in Mityana last Friday. At the meeting she praised her special friend Mathias Mpuuga and told foot soldiers he is a very sweet good man who was only misunderstood by Kavule.

She facilitated foot soldiers with lunch, drinks and transport refund of 70k per person. She made a speech and defended Mathias Mpuuga yet Bobi Wine has been dissing him even during his London concert and also during a foot ball match in Bugiri.

Bagala’s speech was recorded by one of the foot soldiers at Mackhan Hotel who sent it to Bobi Wine. When he listened to the audio, Bobi Wine was so angry and made it clear he was going to punish Bagala politically for praising Mpuuga who he says is a traitor.

When Bagala learnt about this she consulted Hilderman Mazongoto Kiyaga of Mawokota north who told her to forget about phone calls and go to Kavule, fill the appointments form and apologize to Bobi Wine personally. She planned to kneel before him and say I’m sorry sir on Tuesday but Bobi refused to meet her.

Meanwhile, things have continued to go south for Bagala because on Monday, foot soldiers in Sekanyonyi abused and chased her away during the road opening in Sekanyonyi sub county. They accused her of being a user who dumped them after winning elections.

Bagala tried to explain that she has 750 villages to visit but the foot soldiers wouldn’t hear any of that. They accused her of betraying the Principal in favor of corrupt Mathias Mpuuga. They chased her away prompting Mityana south MP Richard Lumu to defend her with RDC Drake Mukiibi, LC3 Chairman John Membe of NRM.

But still the angry voters chased her away making it clear she will never dupe them again. At the meeting of Mackhan Hotel, Bagala asked foot soldiers to advise her on who to support in Mityana north for MP Seat from the NRM strongman Kibedi Nsegumire.

She asked foot soldiers to advise her who was the strongest of the 3 NUP-ians wanting the same seat namely Dr. Gordon Sematiko Katende, Bishop William Tomusange and teacher Isaac Tomusange. She was advised William Tomusange was the best but the problem is that the embattled Bagala doesn’t like him.

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