Tororo Contractor Arrested for Embezzlement of funds meant for Gov't Project

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SHACU) has apprehended a contractor accused of embezzling government funds and committing fraud.

A SHACU and police team detained Mr. Polly Natuhwera, director of Zianat Multipurpose International Ltd, in Tororo yesterday.

In November 2023, Zianat Multipurpose International was contracted to build Mwello Seed Secondary School in Mwello Subcounty for Shs648 million. 

The contractor received an advance payment of Shs162 million to begin the project.

Despite this, the project, which was to be completed in six months, only began on April 19 this year after warnings of potential action. 

As of now, the project is only 5 percent complete.

Tororo District officials, including district engineer Andrew Asaya, chief administrative officer Richard Atama, and resident district commissioner Nixon Owole, had repeatedly tried to contact the contractor without success.

"The contractor was elusive; he wouldn't answer calls and was never in the district," said Albert Amula, deputy RDC Tororo.

Mr. Natuhwera is also managing a contract for the construction of Simu Seed School Phase II in Bulambuli District, which remains at the foundation stage since the contract was signed in January for Shs89 million.

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