I am carrying a cross for the 48 million Ugandans - Speaker Anita Among Speaks Out After Sanctions

In a recent address to the Parliament of Uganda, Speaker Anita Among condemned the imposition of sanctions on the nation, characterizing them as politically motivated.

Among asserted that these sanctions were a consequence of Uganda's passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and warned that further bans may be forthcoming, potentially under the pretext of addressing corruption.

"I am carrying a cross for the 48 million Ugandans because of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill we passed in this House," Speaker Among declared, emphasizing her belief in serving a "living God" and expressing resolve against external pressures. She further stated, "We will always not allow b** shafters in Uganda," using a derogatory term.

Addressing her constituents, Among affirmed her unwavering commitment to their interests, invoking her roots in Bukedea and Buyende districts.

She urged fellow lawmakers to stand firm and defend their positions, framing the issue in personal terms by asking them to imagine if it were their own children who were affected by the purported sanctions.

The Speaker hinted at discussions with relevant officials regarding the nature of the sanctions and hinted at a forthcoming response from the Head of State. She characterized the sanctions as an indictment on the Ugandan Parliament and suggested that the nation's leadership would address them accordingly.

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