UNRA Closes Karuma Bridge For Three Months Over Cracks

 The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has alerted road users about the deteriorating condition of the Karuma Bridge, particularly on the Kampala approach lane.

UNRA emphasized that the ongoing exposure to heavy traffic has hastened the degradation of the bridge’s concrete deck, potentially compromising its serviceability if not addressed promptly.

To address this issue, UNRA has initiated the process of identifying a capable contractor to undertake the urgent restoration of the bridge structure. Consequently, Karuma Bridge is set to be closed to lorries, trailers, and buses starting from Monday, May 6th, 2024.

Only passenger vehicles carrying up to 28 passengers will be permitted to use the bridge during this period.

The restoration process is expected to take approximately three months. In the meantime, alternative routes have been outlined for motorists affected by the closure. Those traveling from Kampala to Gulu/West Nile are advised to utilize the Luwero – Kafu – Masindi – Paraa route, while motorists heading to Lira can opt for the Iganga – Nakalama – Tirinyi – Pallisa – Kumi – Soroti – Lira route.

Additionally, the Government of Uganda is actively working to secure funding for the construction of a new bridge at Karuma as a long-term solution to the infrastructure challenge.

The closure of Karuma Bridge underscores the importance of timely infrastructure maintenance and investment in ensuring the safety and efficiency of transportation networks.

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