LUWEERO: Cult Stands Against Government Census

Members of the Enjiri cult group, known to be concentrated in areas across Luweero, Nakaseke, Kayunga, and Nakasongola Districts, have declared their intention to abstain from participating in the upcoming National Census. They allege that the government harbors ulterior motives behind the implementation of this program. Scheduled to occur from May 10 to 19, the census aims to gather data on social demographic characteristics and various other factors crucial for planning purposes.

According to Mr. Joshua Tebandeke, a resident of Nakasejere Village in Kamira Subcounty and a member of the Enjiri group, they believe that the collected data is utilized for nefarious purposes that could adversely affect their families. He argues that the census, despite claims of being for population enumeration, seeks detailed information to be integrated into government digital systems, potentially used against the populace.

Mr. Eliphazi Kiwanuka, another member, voices concerns over past scrutiny and persecution by government officials for their non-participation in state activities. He asserts that they have faced imprisonment and threats for adhering to their beliefs, and thus, they adamantly oppose inclusion in the census.

The Enjiri cult leaders, as reported by the Nakasejere Village chairperson, Mr. Ronald Mulumba, oversee more than 30 homesteads and have amassed over 300 followers solely in Nakasejere Village. Despite their lack of formal leadership structure, they are described as law-abiding and industrious.

Addressing the group's opposition, Mr. Richard Bwabye, the Luweero RDC, states that the district security committee plans to engage with the Enjiri group to discuss their concerns regarding various government initiatives, including the census. However, the group remains steadfast in their refusal to participate.

Mr. Didacus Okoth, the communications officer at the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Ubos), expresses unawareness of the cult's boycott but pledges to investigate the matter through the Luweero District authorities.

The Enjiri cult, purportedly spanning over 15 districts, has been particularly active in Luweero, Nakaseke, Kayunga, and Nakasongola. They oppose specific government programs, such as children's immunization and the primary education curriculum. 

In a 2023 Daily Monitor article, it was reported that the group had established its own primary education curriculum, rejecting the government's system. They claim that government programs are linked to a satanic Biblical figure, 666, citing teachings from the book of Revelations to justify their stance. Furthermore, the group abstains from using mobile phones and prohibits photography.

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