LIST: 35 Small Businesses to do in Uganda in 2023


LIST: 30 Small Business Ideas to do in Uganda in 2023

Times have changed, and the conventional 9 to 5 work schedule is becoming obsolete. More individuals are gravitating towards entrepreneurship in Uganda, seeking self-employment and higher income opportunities.

If you're exploring new business prospects, here's a comprehensive compilation of the top profitable small-scale businesses  to embark upon in Uganda.

1. Blogging

Put your writing prowess to use by creating content for your personal website or blog. Blogging can yield significant revenue through advertising and affiliate marketing, potentially earning you more than $5 per day.

2. Photography/Photo selling 

If you possess photography skills and familiarity with editing software, a photography business can be established. Utilize online platforms to showcase your work and secure contracts or sell your photos.

3. Computer and Mobile Phone Repair.

Simple hardware repair courses can equip you to provide computer and mobile phone repair services, without requiring a degree.

4. Online Buying and Selling.

Engage in online trading, offering items through platforms like Jumia, Jiji, Facebook Marketplace, etc., eliminating the need for intermediaries.

5. Online Gaming Center.

Create a profitable online gaming center, capitalizing on the global demand for gaming experiences.

6. eBook Sales.

Generate extra income by selling eBooks on various topics, catering to diverse interests.

7. Online Store (eBay).

Open an online store without the need for physical inventory, utilizing e-commerce platforms like eBay and Flipkart.

8. Dropshipping.

Participate in dropshipping. Dropshipping means acting as a middle man.

9. Affiliate Marketing.

Earn commissions by promoting products through referral links on e-commerce platforms.

10. Freelance Writing.

Satisfy the demand for content creation by offering freelance writing services.

11. Classified Ads Website.

Build a classified ads platform to connect buyers and sellers of products and services.

14. Nutritionist Services.

Provide dietary guidance to health-conscious individuals seeking fitness and well-being.

15. Travel Agency.

Initiate a travel agency to cater to the wanderlust of modern travelers.

16. Social Media Management.

Offer social media management services to companies aiming to boost their online presence.

17. Web Designing Services.

Capitalizing on your web design skills, establish a service for creating websites.

18. Soft Drink Retail.

Engage in the distribution of soft drinks, especially during dry season months.

19. App Development Company.

Leverage your IT skills to start an app development venture.

20. Online Event Planning.

Specialize in online event planning, catering to virtual gatherings and meetings.

21. Video Making.

Generate revenue through engaging YouTube or Tiktok videos that captivate viewers.

22. Babysitting.

Utilize your free time to earn extra income by offering babysitting services.

23. Rainwater Harvesting.

Address water scarcity issues by implementing rainwater harvesting systems.

24. Gardening Services.

Offer gardening services to homeowners seeking to maintain green spaces.

25. Binary Options Trading.

Engage in binary options trading for financial gains through predicting market movements.

26. SEO Services.

Assist businesses in improving their online visibility through search engine optimization.

27. Electronic Store.

Launch an electronics store to meet the demand for gadgets and devices.

28. Coaching Classes.

Offer coaching classes to students seeking academic support.

29. Resume Writing.

Provide professional resume writing services to help job seekers stand out.

30. Toy Shop.

Run a toy shop catering to children's entertainment needs.

31. Taxi Services.

Start a taxi service, catering to the transportation needs of the public.

32. Catering Services.

Provide catering services for events and special occasions.

33. Translation Services.

Fill the demand for language translation services for businesses working globally.

34. Used Car Dealership.

Create a dealership for used cars, appealing to budget-conscious buyers.

35. Child Transportation.

Offer transportation services for school-going children.

These diverse business ideas cater to different interests and skill sets, offering numerous opportunities for success in Uganda's entrepreneurial landscape.

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