Businesses Paralyse after Bomb Scare in Soroti City

In Soroti on Wednesday morning, security personnel successfully secured a mortar bomb found abandoned near Soroti Market. A suspect has been apprehended in connection with the discovery of the device, identified as a 160mm M2 mortar projectile with multiple fins, located near Landmark Hotel along Market Street. While the suspect's identity remains undisclosed, they are currently under custody at Soroti Central Police Station for interrogation purposes.

Damali Nachuha, the East Kyoga Region Police Commander, has confirmed the incident and assured the public that the situation has been normalized. She stated that the bomb has been safely removed, rendering the area secure.

Earlier, tension gripped the city amid fears of a potential bomb attack following reports of the bomb's discovery in a drainage trench. The subsequent recovery of the bomb and the arrest of the suspect have brought relief to Soroti residents, particularly market vendors who had been anxious about the possibility of terrorist activity.

Security personnel are actively seeking additional information about the suspect and any potential collaborators. The public is urged to remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activities or individuals to the authorities. The investigation is ongoing, with updates to be provided as new information emerges.

Security authorities caution that unexploded ordnance, including bombs, bullets, shells, grenades, and mines, remain hazardous even if aged. These items can still detonate, posing a risk to public safety and releasing environmental pollutants as they degrade. The discovery of an abandoned mortar bomb, as seen in Soroti, underscores the potential danger, as even the fragments of an exploded mortar bomb can affect individuals within a significant radius.

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