Over 70 killed in attack on northern Burkina Faso village


At least 70 killed in attack on northern Burkina Faso village

Earlier this month, a tragic incident occurred in a village located in northern Burkina Faso, resulting in the loss of at least 70 lives, primarily consisting of elderly people and children. 

The attack, carried out by unidentified assailants, targeted the village of Zaongo in the Centre-North region of Burkina Faso. 

The perpetrators not only took the lives of innocent residents but also set properties ablaze. 

In response to this devastating event, a judicial team was dispatched to the village on November 11 to conduct an investigation. 

Their findings confirmed the death toll of at least 70 people, with a majority of the victims being children and elders. 

The precise number of injuries and people missing is still being determined. The statement released by the state prosecutor emphasized that the people responsible for these heinous acts have not yet been identified, and investigations to bring them to justice are currently underway. 

The incident has left the nation of Burkina Faso in a state of shock and grief, as authorities work diligently to uncover the truth and provide support to the affected community.

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