DR Congo electoral panel promises fair presidential poll though some candidates see flaws


DR Congo electoral panel promises fair presidential poll but some candidates see flaws

The Democratic Republic of Congo's electoral panel has pledged to conduct a presidential election that is fair and just, despite concerns raised by some candidates regarding potential flaws in the process. 

The country's electoral commission, known as the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), expressed its readiness to organize a credible and transparent election next month, even amidst a worsening security crisis in the eastern part of the country. 

The commission's commitment comes after a contentious and delayed registration period, criticized by opposition candidates who believe it has been biased in favor of the ruling coalition.

In response to the concerns raised by several presidential candidates, CENI President Denis Kadima held a meeting in the capital city of Kinshasa with all 26 candidates. During the meeting, Kadima reassured the candidates that the commission is dedicated to arranging elections that are credible, transparent, inclusive, and peaceful. 

He acknowledged the need for the commission to enhance its reputation and regain public trust, stating that efforts have been made to rectify any irregularities that occurred during the registration process.

The upcoming campaign period is set to commence next week, marking an important phase in the lead-up to the general election scheduled for December 20. Despite the challenges and criticisms faced by the electoral commission, it remains committed to ensuring a fair and trustworthy electoral process in the Democratic Republic of Congo. #DRC

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