Kenya's president Ruto urges progress on global plastics treaty


Kenya's president urges progress on global plastics treaty

Kenya's President William Ruto has expressed the need for swift action and an agreement to be reached by negotiators working on the world's first treaty aimed at reducing plastic pollution. 

He made this statement at the commencement of talks in Nairobi, where international delegates have gathered for the third round of discussions. 

The delegates will be considering a range of potential measures to be included in the treaty. President Ruto emphasized the urgency of the situation, reminding negotiators that the year 2024 is merely six weeks away and that there are only two more meetings remaining. 

The decision to develop a treaty on plastic pollution control was agreed upon by governments in March 2022, with the aim of finalizing the treaty by the end of the following year. 

During the negotiations in Nairobi, delegates will deliberate on whether to adhere to their broad mandate of addressing the entire life cycle of plastics, encompassing production, or to prioritize the management of plastic waste. 

This call for progress was made by President Ruto on behalf of Kenya, highlighting the nation's commitment to addressing the issue of plastic pollution on a global scale.

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