Liberia's President George Weah concedes election defeat to Joseph Boakai


Liberia President George Weah concedes election defeat to Joseph Boakai

In a significant turn of events, President George Weah of Liberia gracefully acknowledged his defeat in the recent election to his opponent, Joseph Boakai, an opposition leader. 

The race between the two candidates was highly contested, but Boakai emerged as the front-runner with 50.9% of the votes, while Weah secured 49.1%. 

This information was confirmed by the country's elections commission, which had nearly completed the vote count. 

Weah, who had previously defeated Boakai in the 2017 election, took to the national radio to publicly extend his congratulations to the president-elect. 

He also urged the citizens to follow his lead and accept the election results. This concession by Weah sets the stage for Liberia's second-ever peaceful transfer of power in more than seventy years, with the first occurring when Weah himself was elected to office six years ago. 

This development is noteworthy for Liberia and holds implications for the country's political landscape. #Liberia

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