Ex-President of Zambia wants seat back


Ex-President of Zambia wants seat back

The former President of Zambia, Edgar Lungu, has expressed his intention to return to active politics instead of remaining in retirement. Lungu is now actively campaigning to become the leader of the Patriotic Front, the political party that held power in Zambia from 2011 until Lungu's defeat to Hakainde Hichilema in 2021.

Currently, there is a leadership dispute within the Patriotic Front. Lungu's supporters allege that former Lusaka mayor Miles Sampa unjustly assumed the party presidency under the instruction of Hichilema.

Lungu has also made allegations of his rights being violated by the government. He has been prevented by the police from engaging in activities such as jogging, and he was unable to leave the country for medical treatment.

It is worth noting that these recent developments involving Lungu's political comeback and the internal conflicts within the Patriotic Front have drawn attention to the political landscape in Zambia.

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