Bobi Wine's allegations of NUP supporters disappearing are a calculated effort to tarnish the reputation of President Museveni and the NRM Government.


Well, me and my team under Coalition for A Better Uganda, a forum that brings together a next set of leaders drawn from different political parties, with Uganda at heart, we have keenly been following the claims of missing persons  by our brothers and Sisters from National Unity Platform(NUP) headed by Mr Kyaguranyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine.

The questions to Mr Wine and his group are many but with no answers off course, Why parade those who claim to have missing persons in front of Cameras for a press conference than demanding to meet the Persons responsibility by the Constitution, that is to say, The Inspector General Of Police, The Minister for Internal Affairs, The Minsiter for Security, The Head of Criminal Intelligence Division(CID), The Commander Military Intelligence (CMI). 

NUP as a political party draws it's powers from the Constitution and can influence a meeting with these security agencies so as to give accountability to her missing supporters.

Press conferences in Kamwokya are useless and deliberate efforts by the NUP top leaders to continue tainting the image of President Museveni, the National Resistance Movement(NRM) Government and largely manipulate Europeans to continue funding these selfish individuals at Kamwokya.

Like how they stage managed accident Survivors as torture victims some time back in the Nairobi Conference, it's the same scheme they are using to  justify human rights abuse and claims of missing supporters. 

The Uganda Human Rights Commission's report has been rubbished even when NUP's secretary General, Mr Lewis adamantly refused to submit the right names, Spouses and National Identification Numbers (NIN) of the missing persons to the commission. 

As if this is not enough, there are pseudo names of Spouses who don't even know the persons NUP claims to be missing! Those who have been contacted by the UHRC have not claimed  to know about the persons being alleged by  Kamwokya group to be missing!

You can really see that most of these claims of missing NUP supporters are equally staged managed for NUP leaders individual benefits, and this is the breed of leaders that Uganda has, manipulating innocent Citizens to gain financially, fame and popularity. It's too bad!

This is part of the feedback from Uganda Human Rights Commission(UHRC) to NUP's Hon Mathias Mpuuga, 

We wish to clarify however that Investigations into the alleged missing persons was initiated by us (UHRC) on 28th November 2022 when we wrote to NUP secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya requesting for lists of the said missing persons. At that time it was being alleged that thousands of NUP supporters were being abducted and disappeared everyday. Indeed we felt concerned! So we, in addition, made a general public appeal calling upon any one who had/has a missing persons or  information to report to us. The secretary General of ÑUP forwarded to us 30 names of which we assertained and located 12 of the said missing persons.

We however faced a dilemma in the remaining 18 persons.  

Names without National Identification Numbers (NIN), Spouses saying they are no longer interested because their husbands went to marry second Woman/Co-wife affairs and for Kibalama John Bosco, UHRC was given a name of Naturinda Ritah as the wife. She was evasive and when the report was issued, Monica Nabukeera Kibalama came out at the NUP press conference as the wife and alleging that she had never been contacted by UHRC! We had no reason to doubt the NUP's secretary General's sense of judgement as regards to who Kibalama's wife is,  given fact that the alleged Kibalama is a NUP supporter.

We nonetheless appreciate the NUP active involvement in this matter thus far. We pledge our continued commitment to the protection and promotion of human rights for every one in Uganda.

Ends, the statement from the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC).

Now from this statement any sane human being or Ugandan can clearly tell who is fooling who in this issue of missing persons in Uganda.

It's crystal clear that NUP 's and Mr Wine's  days of fooling Ugandans and tainting the image of Uganda and that of President Museveni are numbered. 

Soon Mr Bobi Wine and his NUP sychophants will be naked!  

For God & My Country Uganda.


AKAMPA Tanbull

National Coordinator

Coalition for a Better Uganda(C4BU)

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