4 Zambian opposition politicians arrested


Four Zambian opposition politicians were arrested

Over the course of the past 24 hours, law enforcement in Zambia has apprehended four opposition politicians, among whom is Emmanuel Mwamba, a member of the primary opposition party Patriotic Front (PF). 

Mwamba's arrest was instigated by a Facebook post where he advocated for anti-government protests, as stated in an official police communication citing charges of inciting hatred and violence.

Additionally, Given Lubinda, a former Justice Minister affiliated with the PF, is facing allegations of refusing to surrender a diplomatic passport. 

In a separate legal development, Raphael Nakachinda, another PF member, is charged with espionage, while Socialist Party leader Fred M’membe is implicated following their participation in a documentary broadcast by Zimbabwe's state broadcaster subsequent to the August elections in that country.

It is noteworthy that all four individuals vehemently deny the charges leveled against them in this unfolding situation.


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