Agago celebrates a significant 500-million Shillings water project.


Agago celebrates a significant 500-million Shillings water project.

This project, a collaboration between the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and Agago District Local Government, aims to drill 13 new boreholes and repair 44 existing ones across eight sub-counties in Agago during the 2023/2024 financial year.

The fortunate sub-counties to benefit from this water initiative include Parabongo, Lapono, Patongo, Kuywee, Lukole, Lira Kato, Wol, and Kotomor.

Alimo shares that their water scarcity issues have persisted for years, leaving women with the arduous choice of a 6-kilometer trek for clean water or resorting to swamp water collection when it doesn't rain. This dire situation even affects schoolchildren, who often attend classes without bathing due to the water shortage.

Michael Opoka, the LCI of Lela Kabala Central in Kuywee sub-county, highlighted the reliance on a distant stream for water by 28 households with 159 people. They've never had access to borehole water and often share swamps with domestic animals to meet their water needs.

Pamela Akur, a councilor of Paimol Sub-county, emphasized the importance of maintaining and funding repairs for these boreholes. Neglecting them could result in further water crises.

The groundbreaking ceremony, held at Lela Kabala Central village, revealed the dire water situation in the region, with 40 out of 81 villages lacking clean water and 14 boreholes in need of repair.

The district water officer, Emmanuel Oroma, called upon local leaders to formally request water provision for their villages. He also stressed the importance of protecting these boreholes by fencing them off after drilling or repairs are completed.

The project assigns Jeera Technical Services for drilling the 13 boreholes, while Agago District Hand Pump Mechanics and Adira Company will handle the repair of 44 boreholes. Quality work is expected to ensure the longevity of these water sources.

While government data claims a 95% water access rate in the district, a 2022 report by SDG WASH paints a different picture, with only 62% water coverage and hundreds of boreholes non-functional for the past five years, emphasizing the critical need for this water project in Agago.


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