Speaker of Parliament Advocates for Taxation of Cows to Widen Tax Base

Speaker of Parliament Anita Among has raised the question of taxing cows as a means to expand the tax base. Highlighting the informal nature of the cattle industry, Among emphasized the need to broaden the scope of taxation to include assets such as livestock. Her remarks come amidst ongoing debates over taxation policies and strategies to alleviate the burden on traders.

Addressing fellow parliamentarians, Speaker Anita Among drew attention to the untapped potential within the agricultural sector, particularly concerning the taxation of livestock, specifically cows. "Yes, it's an informal sector, but when we talk about widening the tax base, then go for the cows," remarked Among. She disclosed her own possession of over 2,000 cows, stating that she is not subjected to any form of taxation on them. "Nobody charges me tax. Nobody even wants to know how much I get out of it," she added, underscoring the lack of accountability within the cattle industry.

Among argued that expanding the tax base to include assets like cows could alleviate the burden on other sectors, particularly traders who often bear the brunt of taxation policies. "Let's widen the tax base instead of making the traders suffer," she urged, suggesting a shift in focus towards untapped resources like livestock. According to Among, many individuals possess significant numbers of cows, yet these assets remain largely outside the purview of taxation authorities.

The Speaker's proposal has ignited discussions within the parliamentary chambers, with some members expressing support for the idea of taxing cows as a means of generating additional revenue for the government. However, others have raised concerns about the practicality and potential challenges associated with implementing such a tax, including issues of enforcement and valuation.

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