Prime Minister Nabanja's Bodyguard disappears in USA

An aide with long-standing service to Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has reportedly disappeared during an official trip to New York City in the United States. Sources indicate that Mr. Emmanuel Atwiine went missing from his Manhattan hotel on Tuesday night, but his absence was only noticed the following morning when he failed to appear for breakfast.

 Concerns grew as calls and messages to his phone went unanswered, and attempts to reach him through the hotel's intercom were futile. The matter was brought to the attention of Uganda’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations, where it was discovered that some of Atwiine’s belongings were in his room, but he was nowhere to be found.

It was later revealed that Atwiine, who has been a bodyguard for Prime Minister Nabbanja for many years, had informed a colleague not to worry about him as he would not be returning home. The disappearance has prompted an investigation by relevant authorities, including the police and Uganda's embassy in New York. While initial reports suggested he might have reached Canada or possibly be in Chicago, where he allegedly has relatives, his exact whereabouts remain unknown.

Prime Minister Nabbanja, who was in New York to represent the President at a UN General Assembly meeting, expressed concern over Atwiine's disappearance. 

The incident raises questions about the security arrangements for high-profile government officials and the selection process for their closest aides. Additionally, concerns were raised about the denial of visas to several personnel who were supposed to accompany the premier, adding to the diplomatic complications surrounding the situation.

This disappearance is not the first of its kind involving Ugandan officials traveling abroad for official duties. The incident involving Atwiine follows a similar case 19 months earlier, when the chief bodyguard of Parliament Speaker Anitah Among disappeared during a trip to California. Such incidents not only raise security concerns but also impact the image of the government and its relations with other countries. 

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Vincent Bagiire, described Atwiine's disappearance as unfortunate and emphasized the importance of maintaining trust between governments amidst such incidents.

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