Primary Schools to Start lessons Against Corruption

The Directorate of Ethics and Integrity (DEI), under government auspices, has emphasized the importance of integrating anti-corruption education into primary school curricula. This initiative, discussed during a recent event in Kampala addressing the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, underscores the necessity of instilling ethical values from a young age to combat corruption at its roots.

Mr. Nicholas Abola, the commissioner for communication and information at DEI, emphasized the focus on nurturing the moral character of young individuals to deter their involvement in corrupt practices. Collaborating closely with the Ministry of Education, DEI has played a role in shaping the primary and secondary school curricula to include content aimed at promoting ethical behavior and integrity.

Efforts extend beyond curriculum changes, with the establishment of clubs dedicated to educating children about corruption and fostering a culture of ethics. Teachers like Ms. Sania Nagaddya note the introduction of patriotic clubs as part of broader initiatives to imbue students with values conducive to a more principled society.

The Ministry of Education and Sports spokesperson, Mr. Dennis Mujimba, highlights the comprehensive nature of the new curriculum introduced in 2020, which integrates anti-corruption education into various aspects of student learning. This curriculum aims to raise awareness about different forms of corruption and instill values of integrity in students' daily lives.

However, challenges persist, as noted by the state minister for Ethics and Integrity, Ms. Rose Lilly Akello, who acknowledges difficulties in securing sufficient evidence for prosecuting corruption cases, hampering the asset recovery system.

The United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), a pivotal international treaty ratified by Uganda in 2004, serves as a cornerstone in global efforts to combat corruption through legally binding agreements and coordinated actions among member states.

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