NEW DETAILS: An Unexpected Power Blackout Occurred before Equity Bank Robbery

During an incident at an Equity Bank branch in Soroti City, authorities revealed that the attempted robbery coincided with an unexpected power outage, as reported by investigators. However, Umeme's spokesperson, Mr. Peter Kaujju, refuted this claim, stating there was no recorded blackout during that time. He emphasized that ongoing investigations will uncover the truth behind the events.

Contrary to Mr. Kaujju's statement, Mr. Edwine Benesa, the deputy resident city commissioner, previously stated that a sudden power failure occurred around 3 am when the robbery attempt took place, plunging the area into darkness. Mr. Benesa, responsible for security oversight in the city, did not specify the source of his information, whether from the police or other security channels. He emphasized the role of law enforcement in averting a potentially dire situation and assured that efforts were underway to fully understand the incident.

In response to the attempted robbery, authorities apprehended a security guard and his supervisor from Security Guard Africa (SGA) for questioning. Police are also searching for another guard deployed by SGA, who failed to report for duty without explanation, claiming to be attending to a sick relative. According to ASP Edison Obukulem, police spokesperson for the East Kyoga region, the missing guard is now a fugitive, and investigations are ongoing.

Law enforcement swiftly reacted to reports of armed individuals attempting to break into the Equity Bank branch, with both police and the army converging on the scene. The incident prompted the temporary closure of a road in Soroti's Central Business District as authorities conducted a thorough search for evidence. Despite the disruption, normal banking operations resumed shortly afterward, as assured by Equity Bank management in a public statement.

As investigations progress, Sam Kwebaza, the regional manager of SGA, affirmed their cooperation with security agencies. He clarified that while one guard was present at the scene, another was absent without prior notice, citing personal reasons. Reports of the on-duty guard being held hostage by the perpetrators remain unconfirmed, but vigilant residents' timely intervention thwarted the robbery attempt.

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