"You have no right to dismiss Mpuuga" - Speaker Among to NUP

After along period of waiting, Annet Anita Among, the Speaker of Parliament has rejected a request from the National Unity Platform to dismiss Parliament Commissioner Mathias Mpuuga. 

The Secretary General of NUP David Rubongoya, in a letter dated 18th March 2024 proposed Parliament to replace Mpuuga with MP Francis Zaake. 

Anita Among has further elaborated that political parties have no mandate and authority to recall or dismiss a commissioner from Parliament according to the law saying that their role is only to nominate the candidates that are fit for the position. 

“This means that with the total voting members of Parliament being 529 the notice should be supported by not less than 177 members of the Parliament. Your letter falls short of the requirements of rule 110 of the rules or procedure and accordingly is incurably defective,” Among stated.

Also according to her, Parliamentary Commissioners are elected by Parliament itself, not by political parties, requiring support from at least 177 MPs to for a motion to dismiss them.

Rubongoya's letter failed to meet this requirement, rendering it faulty. 


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