Bobi Wine Suspends Mpuuga from his Deputy president Role

The president of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party, Mr Robert Kyagulanyi, has taken an initiative to suspend the parliament Commissioner Mr Mathias Mpuuga, the Nyendo-Mukungwe MP, from his role as the deputy party president for the central region.

This decision, outlined in a letter dated March 27, was made due to allegations that Mr Mpuuga received Shs500 million corruptly as a 'service award' during his tenure as Leader of Opposition (LoP), violating the Leadership Code Act (2002) and the party's constitution and principles.

Bobi Wine’s letter cites Articles 6.3 (h) and 7.1 (e) of the Party Constitution as grounds for the suspension and indicates that the matter will be referred to the National Executive Committee for further action. The party leadership confirmed the suspension, stating that Mr Mpuuga engaged in corrupt practices and abuse of office, failing to provide a satisfactory explanation for his actions.

This suspension follows Mr Mpuuga's refusal to resign from the Parliamentary Commission, despite the party's advice. In a press conference, Mr Mpuuga asserted his commitment to NUP as a founding member and deputy president, expressing his refusal to engage in actions detrimental to the party.

However, the Speaker of Parliament, Ms Anita Among, informed the NUP Secretary General, Mr Lewis Rubongoya, that the party does not have the authority to remove Mr Mpuuga from the Parliamentary Commission. Parties can only nominate candidates for the commissioner of parliament but cannot recall elected commissioners.

Therefore, the Speaker declined NUP's request to withdraw Mr Mpuuga from the commission and replace him with Mr Francis Zaake, the Mityana 

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