Man Arrested in Arua for beating Old Woman in Viral Recorded Video

In Arua city, a 51-year-old man is in police custody for assaulting an elderly woman at Manibe Trading Center. Twalibu Avutia, from Baruku cell, Baza ward, was filmed whipping 65-year-old Teresa Angucia, accusing her of stealing his belongings left by the roadside.

The video, which went viral, shows Avutia beating the woman while bystanders cheer. He is also seen stepping on her head as she cries and pleads innocence.

Josephine Angucia, the Police Spokesperson for West Nile region, stated that the incident occurred around 1:40 pm at a bus stop near the Boda boda stage after Manibe Trading Center roundabout along Arua-Koboko road. The victim reported the assault, leading to Avutia's arrest and detention at Manibe police station.

Initial investigations reveal that Avutia, waiting to travel to Maracha district, left his luggage at the bus stop under the watch of Boda Boda riders as he went home to fetch his travel companions. Meanwhile, Teresa Angucia, expecting food from Nebbi district, heard the items had arrived and rushed to the bus stop. Finding unattended bags, she assumed they were hers and took them home.

Upon returning for the rest of his belongings, Avutia mistook Teresa for the thief and assaulted her. This incident is part of a concerning trend of lawlessness in Arua city, with over 10 suspected criminals lynched in the past two weeks. 

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