Nigerians heading for Saudi pilgrimage forced back home


Nigerians heading for Saudi pilgrimage forced back home

A group of over 170 Nigerian citizens, who were en route to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage, faced an unexpected turn of events on Monday when, upon their arrival, Saudi authorities purportedly revoked their previously granted visas. 

These travelers, originating from Lagos and Kano in Nigeria, had undergone a thorough screening process before boarding, but while in flight, reports indicate that their visas were abruptly rescinded. 

Upon landing, the Saudi authorities reportedly denied entry, compelling the Nigerian Air Peace airline to transport them back to Nigeria. 

Although Saudi Arabia has not officially addressed the situation, it is noteworthy that 87 passengers gained entry following intervention by the Nigerian embassy, while the remaining 177 were repatriated to Nigeria on the same night. 

The incident underscores the complexities and challenges faced by individuals embarking on religious journeys, sparking concerns and discussions within the international community. #Nigeria #SaudiArabia

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