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Well, a friend of mine we share a group on Civic mission possed a question to us. Where do you see Uganda in the next Fifteen/twenty years?

Lightly, I replied to him, "Where you would want to see it"!

In a few minutes later, I reflected on his question and realized that indirectly he was asking the Uganda post President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Yes on my side, a new breed of leaders will come up, 15- 20 years from now, a transition will be inevitable. 

Yes, it's true there is a likelihood that Uganda will have more enemies then but also  many pro Uganda active groups are likely to emerge with interest in taking the number one/CEO position for this Country, those who will be better positioned and organized will take the lead and build the Uganda we/they will envision.

 These will be collective efforts though no one should under estimate the 3Ms that run the world. 

That is to say, the group that will have more Military, Media and Money advantage will take the mantle of strategically directing the social, economic and political path of this Country Uganda.

Yes, standards of living will be more tougher! If the poor keep migrating to Cities after fragmenting their small pieces of land.

We will continue to have more dependants than producers, the few producers will be producing for the poor.

Surprisingly, if trends continue like how they are today with more energetic young men and Women running to cities for easy life, sports betting as a way of survival or earning a living.  

Farming will continue to be neglected and Ugandans will be hit harder by food shortages.

We need a robust mechanisation of agriculture so as to produce more not only for feeding our people but also more for export.

These should be policy decisions being discussed today and invested in so as to achieve food rights for all in the nearer future.

Ask your self these questions: 

Where will Uganda be in the next 15-20-30 years?

Where would you want to see it?

A better Uganda is still possible if we have more thinkers and doers than just talkers! 



 A political analyst, Defender of Social Justice and a farmer.


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