"Term limits are good for efficiency" -Gen Muhoozi

 The leader of the armed forces, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, emphasized to military leaders the impermanence of their positions and the need to prioritize operational effectiveness during a recent ceremony at the Mbuya army headquarters. He urged officers to avoid becoming too comfortable in their roles, reminding them that serving in a particular office is merely a temporary assignment. According to Gen Muhoozi, such rotations are essential for fostering a professional military environment, where individuals contribute to collective growth. He underscored the importance of unity among soldiers of all ranks and positions.

In his remarks, Gen Muhoozi expressed gratitude to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for appointing suitable individuals to key positions within the UPDF. He urged newly appointed officers to make a significant impact in their new roles while commending outgoing officers for their service. 

Gen Muhoozi stressed the importance of leaving a positive legacy and encouraged all UPDF personnel to contribute positively to the organization's culture of professionalism while observing term limits.

Former deputy CDF, Lt Gen Peter Elwelu, thanked President Museveni for entrusting him with leadership responsibilities during his tenure. 

He pledged continued service to the nation in his new capacity as a special presidential advisor. Lt Gen Elwelu also called for improvements in military court procedures and the welfare of soldiers to ensure a dignified retirement.

Maj Gen Sam Okiding, assuming the role of deputy CDF, praised Lt Gen Elwelu for his dedicated service to the UPDF. He expressed commitment to work collaboratively with others to achieve shared goals, emphasizing the importance of collective effort in attaining success.

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