Jinja Schools Close term Early Over Red Eye Outbreak

In Jinja, some parents have expressed support for a proposal by certain schools to implement an earlier closure for the first term holiday in response to the red eye disease outbreak, according to reports from Monitor.

Originally scheduled to close on May 3rd for term 1 holidays, schools began their academic year on February 5th. However, in light of the rapid spread of red eye disease, some institutions decided to dismiss students prematurely last Friday, citing unsuccessful containment efforts, particularly among younger children.

Uganda has witnessed over 7500 reported cases of red eye infections nationwide within a month, prompting concerns among parents. Sulaiman Kakaire, a parent at Ebenezer Standard Primary School, expressed worry over his daughter's vulnerability to infection, emphasizing the challenge of controlling the spread within school environments.

Zainabu Nansubuga, another parent at Victoria Nile School, echoed the sentiment, advocating for the early closure of schools to mitigate the disease's spread, citing her own family's experience of infection after her daughter contracted the illness at school.

Similarly, Moreen Katushabe, a parent at Shilo Nile Star Nursery and Primary School, shared her support for early school closure, citing her son's contraction of red eyes in baby class.

While some parents like Ayub Kasadha, whose primary two pupils were affected, endorse the decision for their children's safety, Jinja City Education officer Haruna Mulopa expressed the need for prior notification regarding school closures due to health concerns.

Mulopa emphasized that only sick children should be sent home, rather than closing entire schools. Symptoms of red eyes, as reported by the Ministry of Health, include redness, itching, tearing, swelling, a grainy sensation, headache, and fever.

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