NUP NEC has no any powers to recall Hon Mpuuga from the Position of Commissioner of Parliament By AKAMPA Tanbull.


Political Analyst

Well, when one reads the  resolution of NEC of NUP,  you clearly see a group of people in a sinking boat!

The resolution is  redundant and cannot have the effect of removing a Commissioner of Parliament.

Removal of a Commissioner is Governed by the mandatory provisions of Rule 110 of the Rules of Procedure of Parliament.  It can only be achieved thru a motion for a resolution for the removal of a Commissioner which SHALL be initiated by a notice in writing to the Clerk,signed by not less than one third of all voting members of Parliament,indicating their intention for moving the motion for the removal.

A Commissioner shall be removed upon the vote of at least half of all the voting members of Parliament.

By close of business, Friday 15th March 2024 the Clerk had not received any notice to that effect.

It is worth noting that NUP has only 57 elected members of Parliamemt representing only 11% of the entire membership of Parliament.  NUP members cannot even raise the numbers to initiate the notice of censure against a Commissioner.

The voting members of Parliament are 529.Therefore one third of all voting Members of Parliament is 143. And a half of all voting members of Parliament would require 265 members voting in favour of the removal. Therefore Removing Hon.Mpuuga as a Commissioner is a non- starter.   It is VOID ABNITIO.


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