BREAKING! NUP Fires Mpuuga

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the National Unity Platform (NUP) gathered today to address Hon. Mathias Mpuuga's response concerning allegations of corruption and abuse of office. These accusations emerged from the questionable allocation of 1.7 billion shillings labeled as "Service Awards," a decision made during a meeting chaired by Ms. Anita Among and involving Mpuuga and other NRM Parliamentary Commissioners.

In light of the NEC's request for justification to prevent Mpuuga's recall from the Parliamentary Commission, he failed to provide a satisfactory explanation for his role in these actions. Notably, he did not directly address the specific allegations against him. Consequently, the NEC has resolved to recall him from the Parliamentary Commission due to corruption, dishonesty, and abuse of office. Parliament will receive notification of this decision.

AllegationResponse by Mpuuga
Abuse of OfficeUnaddressed
DishonestyNot Explained

Furthermore, the NEC has nominated Hon. Zaake Francis Butebi as the replacement Parliamentary Commissioner. This decision was influenced by his previous removal from the position in March 2022, which was perceived as illegitimate and potentially linked to the questionable activities now brought to light involving the Parliamentary Commission.

NomineeReason for Nomination
Hon. Zaake Francis ButebiPreviously Removed Illegitimately

Acting President Dr. Lina Zedriga Wa stated that the National Unity Platform intends to proceed with the necessary procedures to implement these resolutions in the near future.

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