I am not leaving NUP - Mathias Mpuuga


Former Leader of Opposition, Mathias Mpuuga has on Tuesday come out to reaffirm his resolute in staying at an active member of the National Unity Platform, NUP.

Addressing the media at Parliament, Hon Mpuuga assured party leaders, and foot soldiers that if they are the hound and malign him, it will be from within the party.

"I'm here to state that I'm a founder of NUP. I did not join NUP, I was a part of the founding blocks of NUP where I serve as a Deputy President in charge of Buganda. I'm here to reaffirm I'm not leaving NUP, a party I founded with colleagues. At least no one has moved me to the level of leaving the party I founded," Hon Mpuuga charged.

On the part of receiving shs500m "service award" from Parliament, Mpuuga said that he has never been part of any corruption. "My commitment has never waned. I have never been corrupt," he said.

I do not have personal issues with Bobi Wine. If he has any issues with me, go and ask him. ""I have not had a meeting with my party leader [Bobi Wine]. I have only been hearing him speak [about our meeting] at funerals, the media, among others, trying to convince the country to believe that I'm a terrible human being but the country has refused to believe that. I would want to meet him."

Mpuuga is facing pressure following a social media expose of minutes of the meeting of the Parliamentary Commission chaired by Speaker Anita Among  he attended on May 6, 2022  and shared nearly shs2 billion of taxpayers’ money in form of a ‘service award.’ Which has since been questioned.

The National Unity Platform has asked Mpuuga to resign from his position as a commissioner of parliament after he admitted taking the shs500 million ‘service award.’

However, Mpuuga would later in a statement, he said he will not resign.

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