Man Kills Wife, Goes to Bar to Have a Good Time with Her Body In Car

Authorities in Belgut, Kericho County, are currently investigating a horrifying incident involving a 46-year-old man who is suspected of fatally stabbing his wife during a family dispute before callously driving to town with her lifeless body.

Belgut Sub-County Police Commander, Charles Kibati, revealed that the suspect, a technician employed at a local tea company, reportedly attacked his wife with a knife on a fateful Sunday night.

The unsettling sequence of events began when the man returned home, triggering a heated argument with his wife that escalated into a physical altercation, according to Kibati's account. Allegedly, the woman brandished a knife in an attempt to harm her husband, who managed to evade the attack, ultimately overpowering her and inflicting fatal stab wounds.

Following the gruesome act, the man shockingly placed the lifeless body of his wife in the passenger seat of his vehicle. He then drove to the Kapsoit trading center, nonchalantly parking his car before heading to a local nightclub.

However, the evening took a dark turn when observant revelers at the nightclub noticed conspicuous bloodstains on the man's T-shirt, prompting them to question him. Their concerns grew, leading them to insist on being taken to the location where the vehicle was parked.

Their worst fears were realized when they discovered the lifeless body of a woman, later identified as the man's wife, in the car. The gruesome scene depicted a body with injuries to the head, mouth, and eyes, leaving onlookers shocked and disturbed.

Promptly, the incident was reported to the Kapsoit Police Station. Law enforcement officers swiftly responded, apprehending the man and transporting him to the Sosiot Police Station, where he was detained pending further investigation.

The victim's body was subsequently removed and conveyed to the mortuary at Kericho County Referral Hospital. Simultaneously, the vehicle, now a chilling witness to the tragic event, was towed to the Sosiot police station, where it stands as a somber piece of evidence in this distressing case.


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