VIDEO: Kampala Girls "Tortured" for Stealing Glasses from Bugolobi Bar

Two young girls have found themselves in a harrowing situation after being accused of stealing four whisky glasses from Thrones Bar in Bugolobi. The aftermath was captured in a trending video that has sparked conversations about the boundaries of justice and the use of extreme measures in handling such situations.

The video depicts a scene where the two girls, visibly distressed, admitted to having pocketed the four glasses in their handbags. The response from those present at the bar took a dark turn as the girls were subjected to what has been described as 'torture' in social media discussions.

kindly ask thrones the price of these glasses, i and my other friends are will to buy 10 of them. A woman should be respected nomatter what #thronesmulimbyemu
Thrones can do better. Not treating them like that. That’s too much embarrassment for just glasses. Imagine 😏
This is unacceptable especially now during the 16 days of activism against Gender - based violence campaign. Those men must face the law .

Some of the social media reaction to the video. 

Reports suggest that the scorned individuals resorted to pouring ice and basins of extremely cold water on the accused girls as a form of punishment. The intensity of the incident has raised questions about the appropriateness of the response, with concerns about the potential for such actions to cross ethical and legal boundaries.


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