PHOTOS! How Roast and Rhyme 19th Edition Went Down


Jahazi Pier Munyonyo recently witnessed another spectacular edition of #RoastAndRhyme, courtesy of Swangz Avenue and Bell Lager, making it the 19th installment of this much-loved musical and culinary fiesta. Despite the persistent rain that has characterized the month, music enthusiasts and foodies alike flocked to the venue, turning the gloomy Sunday into a day of rhythmic joy.

The festivities kicked off under warm skies, creating an inviting ambiance that set the perfect stage for the musical extravaganza. As the clock struck 6 pm, however, raindrops began to fall, challenging the organizers and attendees alike. Undeterred by the sudden change in weather, the crowd displayed an unwavering spirit of resilience, proving that nothing could dampen their enthusiasm for a day filled with good music, delectable bites, and lively camaraderie.

The event, known for its unique blend of live music performances and delicious roasts, continued to captivate the audience even as raindrops danced on the ground. Jahazi Pier, adorned with vibrant umbrellas and rain ponchos, became a sea of colorful resilience as patrons refused to let the weather rain on their parade.

Swangz Avenue, renowned for curating memorable musical experiences, delivered once again with a lineup that showcased diverse talents across various genres. The performers braved the weather to deliver electrifying sets, creating an atmosphere that transcended the challenges posed by the rain.

Bell Lager, one of the event's sponsors, added to the delight by ensuring that attendees were well-refreshed despite the unexpected weather conditions. The combination of great music, delicious roasts, and refreshing beverages turned the rain-soaked evening into a memorable celebration of Ugandan culture and entertainment.

As the night progressed, the rain gradually subsided, allowing the crowd to fully immerse themselves in the remaining performances. From reggae beats to soulful ballads, the 19th edition of Roast and Rhyme proved to be a testament to the resilience and passion of Uganda's music enthusiasts.

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