Suspect cuts off Ntungamo Police Officer fingers during arrest

Police in Ntungamo are investigating an incident where a suspect in a domestic dispute allegedly cut off two fingers of the officer in charge of Rwashamaire police station during an attempted arrest.

Mr. Rogers Wamono lost his fingers when the suspect threw a machete at him as police officers were closing in to arrest him at Kiyaga village, Nkongoro parish, Nyabihoko Sub County. Mr. Wamono explained that his hand was struck by the machete as the officers entered the house where the suspect was hiding.

The suspect had previously quarreled with a friend over a love affair at a bar, leading to a machete attack. When the fight escalated, the police were called. The suspect fled and hid in a house, which the officers then accessed. Mr. Wamono instructed the officers not to shoot, and as they tried to arrest the suspect, he threw a machete, injuring Mr. Wamono.

Eyewitnesses reported that the suspect had already injured two other people with the same machete before the police arrived. Mr. Mwesigwa Joseph, a resident, said the suspect was uncontrollable, prompting them to call the police. As the officers broke into the house, the suspect attacked Mr. Wamono.

Mr. Wamono's ring finger was completely severed, and his pinkie was left hanging by a tissue, with two other fingers badly hurt. Ntungamo District Police Commander, Mr. Hannington Bushaija, confirmed that the 35-year-old suspect is in custody and that investigations are ongoing, including a mental health evaluation of the suspect.

Mr. Wamono is currently receiving treatment at Mulago National Referral Hospital after initial first aid at Devine Clinic Rwashamaire.

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