Uganda Police apprehends an individual believed to be plotting a bomb attack on a church.


Uganda apprehends an individual believed to be plotting a bomb attack on a church.

Ugandan authorities arrested a 28-year-old man on Sunday who was attempting to enter a church in the capital city, Kampala, carrying an explosive device with intentions to use it for an attack.

 Additionally, law enforcement is actively searching for three more other individuals believed to be involved in similar bombing plots elsewhere in Uganda. 

While the exact motives remain unclear, it's worth noting that the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a group linked to the Islamic State (IS), has previously carried out deadly bomb attacks in Uganda. 

The individual in custody, identified as Kintu Ibrahim, was apprehended just before entering the Pentecostal church known as Lubaga Miracle Centre in the Lubaga suburb of south Kampala.

 According to a police spox, intelligence had indicated potential attacks on places of worship, leading to Ibrahim's tracking and subsequent arrest.

The US embassy in Uganda has issued a cautionary message due to ongoing terrorism concerns, expressing that there is a risk of terrorist incidents in Uganda and the surrounding area. This warning comes after Ugandan police evacuated a business center in the capital city, Kampala, due to suspicions of an explosive device. Additionally, the US embassy has advised American citizens to remain vigilant and stay way from large public gatherings. 

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