Pastor Faces Murder Charges for Landlord’s 4-Year-Old Child


Wakiso Pastor Faces Murder Charges for Death of Landlord’s 4-Year-Old Child

A senior pastor, Buyinza Isma Sekabira (also known as Isreal), of the Deliverance and Healing Ministries Church in Nansana, Wakiso district, has been charged with murder and is currently imprisoned in Kirinya prison in Jinja city.

Sekabira, using the alias Isreal, appeared before Justice Winfred Nabisinde at the Jinja High Court, where he was formally accused of involvement in the 2021 murder of a four-year-old named Trinity Isabella Nakisuyi.

Accompanied by co-defendant Felista Namaganda, Sekabira denied the charges and both have been detained until August 29, 2023, for further proceedings.

Another co-accused, Pastor Joseph Sserubiri, admitted guilt to murder and aggravated trafficking in persons, receiving a life sentence and a 30-year prison term.

Sserubiri, who was also a pastor at Deliverance and Healing Ministries Church in Kakira, Jinja district, was sentenced concurrently.

Sserubiri's abduction of Trinity Isabella Nakisuyi, the daughter of his landlord, led to her murder, allegedly with the help of his wife and Sekabira.

The crime took place in a rented-out garage transformed into a church. Sserubiri claimed a divine dream prompted him to sacrifice a child for wealth and spiritual power.

While Sserubiri confessed, Buyinza and Namaganda denied involvement. The evidence included blood stains in the church and Sserubiri's confession, which implicated Sekabira.

The investigation led to the discovery of the child’s remains buried in specific locations. The victim’s father had suspicions about Sekabira’s involvement due to his influence over Sserubiri and his association with the church.

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