Three Arrested in Busia after Luring Woman with Promise of Free Meat

In Eastern Uganda's Busia District, authorities have apprehended three individuals believed to be involved in the homicide of a 40-year-old woman, Ms. Paulina Lokiru. Her body was discovered on May 8 in River Solo, located in Solo ‘A’ village, Busia town. According to Moses Mugwe, the Bukedi Region Police Spokesperson, investigations are ongoing, and the motive behind the killing remains unclear.

Mr. Mugwe mentioned that there are leads indicating that an unidentified individual had summoned the victim from her residence late at night. Further inquiry will determine if this caller played a role in her demise.

Sam Mbogo, the chairman of Solo ‘A’ Village LC1, disclosed that residents stumbled upon the deceased while heading to work in the morning. Traces of blood along the riverbank led them to Ms. Lokiru's body resting in the river.

Speculation suggests that the mother of six was enticed to her death by someone offering to share meat. Jamada Mayende, a local resident, recounted that she received a call around 1 a.m., purportedly from an unknown individual, inviting her for the meat-sharing opportunity. 

Her husband, Paul Agan, a night duty security guard, confirmed his whereabouts during the incident but emphasized his lack of involvement, stating that he only heard about the call from the house.

Agan described his wife as a peaceful person who harbored no ill feelings towards others, raising questions about who might have wanted her dead.

The deceased was employed as a cleaner and often worked at the Busia main market, where she spent time sorting cereals. Her remains were transported to Busia Health Centre IV for a postmortem examination.

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