Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago discharged from hospital after surgery

Kampala's Mayor, Erias Lukwago, has been released from a specialized hospital in Gurgaon, India, following a successful neck surgery. Lukwago, 53, expressed his gratitude in a video shared on social media, stating that he was recovering well and expected to return to Kampala by the weekend.

Acknowledging divine intervention for his recovery, Lukwago mentioned undergoing surgery on April 29 and subsequently transitioning from the ICU to a regular ward. He praised the medical team for their specialized care, ensuring his recovery and preventing infections.

Feeling stable and optimistic, Lukwago shared his joy at being discharged and declared fit to travel back home. Despite experiencing minor discomfort in his back, upper arm, and neck, he trusted that with the prescribed medication, the symptoms would diminish.

The Uganda Medical Board had approved Lukwago's trip to New Delhi for cervical decompression and fusion spinal surgery, a procedure recommended by neurosurgeons due to a herniated disc causing prolonged pain and tingling sensations.

Dr. Henry Mwebesa, Director General of Health Services at the Ministry of Health, confirmed Lukwago's medical condition in a letter to the hospital, outlining the diagnosis and the necessary surgical intervention. The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) committed to covering all expenses related to Lukwago's treatment and stay in India.

Previously admitted to Nairobi Hospital in Kenya for initial treatment, Lukwago's journey to recovery has been marked by medical interventions necessitated by his cervical spine condition.

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