NTV's Andrew Kyamagero and Wife Narrowly Escape Kidnapping Attempt

Media personality Andrew Kyamagero, along with his wife Linda Ndagire Kyamagero, recently faced a harrowing ordeal when they narrowly escaped a kidnapping attempt by armed men in the Kikulu Zone area. Kyamagero took to his social media platforms to share the chilling account of their experience.

According to Kyamagero's narration, the couple was trailed by a car carrying three men, one of whom was armed, for over 40 minutes. Despite the imminent danger, they managed to maintain their composure and even attempted to reassure the men, who recognized Kyamagero by his full name.

The situation took a dangerous turn as it was discovered that the perpetrators were using counterfeit number plates on their vehicle. However, thanks to the prompt response and intervention of the police, the situation was swiftly diffused, preventing any further escalation.

"Grateful for the residents of Kikulu Zone who stood by my wife and I when we encountered a frightening situation today. A car trailed us for over 40 minutes with three men inside, one armed. Despite the danger, we had to comfort these men who knew me by both names PoliceUg.

These men were driving a car with fake number plates.Thanks to the swift action of the police, the situation was diffused before escalating further. Their professionalism and courage were commendable, ensuring our safety and apprehending one of the suspects. "- he posted.

Kyamagero expressed his gratitude towards the residents of Kikulu Zone who stood by them during the frightening encounter. He also commended the professionalism and bravery displayed by the police, who ensured their safety and apprehended one of the suspects.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the security challenges faced by individuals, even in seemingly safe environments. Kyamagero's ordeal underscores the importance of vigilance and the crucial role played by law enforcement in safeguarding the community against such threats.

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