Eight Police Officers Arrested for Alleged Theft of 60M Exhibit Funds

Eight police officers from Kira-Police Division in Kira Municipality, Wakiso District, have been detained on suspicion of stealing sixty million shillings designated as an exhibit. 

Speaking at a press conference at Police Headquarters Naguru, Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga disclosed that out of the 192 million shillings belonging to Shatrah Namata, an employee of a hardware shop in Lungujja, only 160 million reached the police custody.

Enanga highlighted that the officers failed to count the money on-site, making it difficult to ascertain the exact amount initially. Subsequently, during the counting process, an additional 30 million shillings went missing, with Enanga attributing the loss to the negligence of certain officers.

Enanga elaborated that surveillance footage revealed misconduct as some officers poured the money onto the floor for counting, during which an officer pilfered 30 million shillings. Following investigations, eight police officers have been apprehended.

In a separate incident, police intercepted three criminals traveling in a Toyota Noah vehicle at Naalya roundabout. With the assistance of boda-boda riders, law enforcement managed to apprehend two suspects while another attempted to flee and was shot and injured. A bag containing cash was recovered and taken into police custody as evidence.

This incident is not an isolated case of exhibit mishandling within the police force. In 2022, five officers from Katwe Police Division were arrested for destroying evidence by setting fire to an office. These recent arrests follow the apprehension of armed suspects the previous week, who allegedly stole over 192 million shillings intended for banking in Lungujja suburb, Kampala City.

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