Etania Opens Up About Prostitution in Asia


Etania courageously opened up about her traumatic experience, revealing how she became ensnared in a web of prostitution and human trafficking on promise of a job while in Asia.

The emotional narrative left the entire Kampala Creme crew deeply moved.

Etania recounted her journey, explaining that what seemed like a promising opportunity turned into a nightmare. “When we were in Asia, I saw a poster advertising a job at a 7-11 store, paying around two million. However, when I contacted the lady whose number was on the poster, everything changed. This lady told me I could make a lot of money by standing on the street and approaching every man that passes. It turned out the job was prostitution.”

“I didn’t have a way out, she demanded I pay her money so that she can give me back my passport, this was the only time I had ever left my village in Kampala, Uganda. now I find myself in this city I know nothing about.

“We were promised legitimate employment but ended up as sex slaves. At the tender age of 17, I found myself locked up in an Asian jail,” Etania revealed.

Etania also reveals a stint with a Russian man, she puts a disclaimer “I hate Russians”. This guy took her to a hotel room and forced her to undress then started beating and chocking her. The Russian told her he’s into masochism (the tendency to derive sexual satisfaction from one’s own pain or humiliation).

“I had to act because at one time this guy took me to the window of the hotel room and put my head out as he chokehold me, I knew if I didn’t do something he was going to kill me so I tried to fight back and managed to free myself from him. I grabbed a few things and run out of the hotel unto the streets, naked.” Etania Added

This shocking revelation sheds light on the dire situation faced by many Ugandan girls who, enticed by promising job offers, fall prey to human trafficking and exploitation.

Unaware of the harsh realities, they often end up trapped in a cycle of sex slavery, with some facing the gruesome fate of organ harvesting, leading to the loss of many lives that never return home.

The incident underscores the urgent need for awareness and protection mechanisms to prevent vulnerable individuals from falling victim to deceptive schemes.

Last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that over 30 Ugandans are currently stranded in Myanmar after being lured abroad for non-existent job opportunities, emphasizing the pervasive nature of this issue.

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