Citing s3x starvation and neglect, Pastor Kiwewesi's Wife Demands Divorce and 50% of his Property


For over six years, the founder and Senior Pastor of Kansanga Miracle Center, Isaac Kyobe Kiweweesi, has been embroiled in divorce proceedings initiated by his wife, Sasha Barbara Rukundo. The marriage, which was celebrated with pomp in the mid-2000s in Kampala, has reached a critical juncture as both parties seek to dissolve their union.

The marriage, which blessed the couple with three children - Joana Kyobe, Isaac Kyobe, and Jayden Kyobe, faced irreconcilable differences. Sasha filed for divorce in the Family Division of the High Court, citing emotional cruelty, desertion, and sexual deprivation as grounds for the dissolution. She accused Pastor Kiweweesi of neglecting his spousal duties, leading to a breakdown in their relationship.

In response, Pastor Kiweweesi did not contest the divorce, expressing his readiness to let Sasha go, as she had already relocated to the United States with their children without his objection. He accused Sasha of desertion and highlighted her relocation to Texas without prior notification, further complicating their marital situation.

The pastor also raised concerns about Sasha's lifestyle in the United States, alleging her involvement in reckless activities such as frequenting bars, which he believed would tarnish his reputation as a religious leader.

Despite several judicial officers handling the case over the years, the proceedings have stalled, primarily due to the couple's inability to agree on the division of their property. Sasha seeks a 50% share of Kiweweesi's assets, along with monthly financial support of Shs10 million for her and their children.

Recently, Sasha's legal team submitted a list of assets they believe Pastor Kiweweesi owns, including shareholdings in private companies, seven luxury vehicles, and various properties, including a lavish residence in Kansanga Makindye Division.

Justice Elizabeth Kabanda, currently presiding over the case, has requested Sasha to provide evidence supporting her claims regarding Kiweweesi's assets. Once resolved, the disputed property will be divided between the couple, facilitating the conclusion of their marriage and allowing them to move forward with their respective lives.

The prolonged divorce proceedings serve as a reminder of the complexities involved in marital dissolution, particularly concerning the division of assets. As the legal battle continues, both parties hope to find closure and begin new chapters in their lives.

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