Lodge Occupants Saved in Luwum Street City House Fire


A city house in the heart of Kampala's central business district turned into a scene of chaos as fire broke out, catching lodge occupants unaware. The victims found themselves trapped by smoke and flames that swiftly engulfed the lower floors of the building on Luwum Street.

Police Fire Prevention and Rescue Services officers, deploying ladders strategically, heroically rescued multiple survivors from the lodges. The dramatic scenes unfolded in yesterday's blaze, leaving one person dead and several others with minor injuries.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesman, Luke Owoyesigyire, confirmed the tragic incident, stating, "One person so far confirmed dead today (yesterday) during the city house fire.... However, concerns remain about the possibility of additional casualties within the remnants of the building."

The fire originated from eateries on the ground floor of the City Hall at 9 am and rapidly spread to the upper floors, causing significant property damage. The building, owned by Mr Sudhir Ruparelia, houses offices of political parties like the Democratic Party and Forum for Democratic Change, along with various shops dealing in stationery, pharmaceuticals, garments, eateries, and lodges.

Unlike neighboring buildings, City House witnesses consistent human traffic day and night. Nightfall sees the corridors, verandas, and stairs occupied by sex workers and their clients.

The cause of the fire remains unknown, prompting ongoing investigations by authorities. A survivor shared his harrowing experience, revealing he was bathing when the fire broke out. "When I was in the bathroom, I heard people screaming, then I opened the door only to see smoke. I picked my children and fled with them outside. That is why I am dressed like this," he said.

However, conflicting reports emerged from boda boda riders, suggesting the survivor might have fabricated having a home in the building. According to one rider, the survivor is a frequent visitor to the ladies in the building, adding a layer of intrigue to the unfolding events.

The fear of the fire spreading prompted neighboring shop owners to evacuate their stock onto the streets. Police closed roads to prevent theft and traffic congestion, reopening them later after firefighters contained the blaze. Some businesses resumed operations amidst the remnants of the charred building, marking a day of resilience in the face of adversity for the city's bustling business district.

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