HUNTER BECOMES HUNTED! Police Officer Caught Stealing Phones from Electronics Shop


Police officer Barasa Isaac, attached to Mbalala police station, is in custody following his alleged theft of three mobile phones from an electronics shop in Mukono Central Division on December 3rd, 2023.

According to reports, Isaac entered the shop at around 5:00 PM under the pretense of buying an antenna. CCTV footage captured him picking three mobile phones and concealing them within the antenna box before leaving.

Sources further indicate that Isac owns an electronic shop in Namawojjolo, raising questions about his motive for stealing the phones.

A case file has been opened at Wantoni police post (VID 19/03/12/2023), and the suspect remains detained while investigations continue. The CCTV footage has been retrieved and is being analyzed as evidence.

This incident casts a shadow on the reputation of the police force and highlights the need for internal accountability and measures to prevent such incidents from occurring.

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