KATANGA MURDER: Police Fight with Molly Katanga Relatives at IHK


The Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) have deployed a team of operatives to monitor the hospital stay of Molly Bananukye Katanga, the widow and prime suspect in the murder of Kampala money lender Henry Katanga.

Concerns arose within the DPP that Molly Katanga and her daughter Martha Katanga might attempt to leave the country under the pretext of seeking medical treatment abroad. The fears were intensified when undercover spies informed the DPP of plans to move Molly from Kampala International Hospital (KIH) in Kisugu to an undisclosed location.

Upon learning of these plans, the DPP contacted Director CID Dr. Tom Magambo, who swiftly deployed both uniformed and non-uniformed operatives to ensure the situation was under control. A carefully-selected team from various agencies has been assigned to maintain a 24-hour surveillance perimeter around IHK to prevent any attempts of Molly Katanga leaving unnoticed.

The CID team encountered resistance from one of Molly's powerful relatives upon arrival at the hospital. The relative questioned their presence and intentions, to which the CID operatives responded by revealing credible intelligence about the planned relocation of Molly. The relative downplayed the situation, stating that Molly was only being transferred to Rubbies Hospital in Kololo for MRI scan procedures.

Not taking any chances, the CID leadership insisted on certain conditions before allowing the evacuation. These conditions included Molly being transported in a police ambulance, accepting the deployment of at least 50 operatives at the Kololo facility, and ensuring heightened security during her time away from IHK. Molly Katanga, as the prime suspect, remained under strict security measures at IHK's second floor.

The CID leadership emphasized their commitment to maintaining a security presence at both IHK and the Kololo facility throughout Molly's three-hour MRI scan tests. Tensions escalated as Molly's male relative accused the DPP and CID leadership of violating her rights and acting brutally. The operatives were informed that influential figures in the country were growing concerned about Molly's perceived maltreatment.

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