City Robbers Gunned Down in Fire Exchange with Detectives, Deadly Pistol Recovered

The operation resulted in the recovery of a Beretta pistol.

Nairobi, Kenya
- A swift and decisive operation led by Kilimani detectives culminated in the fatal shooting of two notorious gangsters, known only by their aliases Rundo and Mulinyo, who had been spreading fear in the Kibra area and its surroundings. The operation also resulted in the recovery of a Beretta pistol.

The undercover detectives, acting on anonymous tips from concerned members of the public, stealthily pursued the suspects, unravelling their alleged criminal activities in the densely populated region.

Upon realizing that a team of determined crime busters was closing in on them, one of the suspects, armed with a firearm, resorted to indiscriminate shooting at the officers. In response, the agile detectives swiftly engaged, ultimately bringing the exchange of fire to a decisive conclusion that proved fatal for the duo.

The aftermath of the operation yielded the recovery of a Beretta pistol along with six rounds of 9mm ammunition, seven spent cartridges, and four bullet heads. The bodies of the deceased suspects were transported to a city mortuary for identification.

The Kilimani detectives' successful operation underscores the dedication of law enforcement to curbing criminal activities in Nairobi. The recovered firearm and ammunition serve as critical evidence as investigations progress. The public's collaboration through anonymous reports played a pivotal role in dismantling this criminal operation, highlighting the importance of community involvement in maintaining public safety.

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