Comedian Eric Omondi and girlfriend unveil daughter

Renowned comedian Eric Omondi has melted the hearts of fans by unveiling the first glimpses of his daughter Kyla's face on social media.

Born on August 9, 2023, to Eric and his partner, Lynne Njehia, Kyla's identity had been carefully guarded until this joyful reveal. In an exciting video posted on their YouTube Channel, Eric and Lynne proudly introduced Kyla as the brand ambassador for a children's clothing line, showcasing her undeniable cuteness and charming features.

The heartwarming occasion captured the elation of the proud parents at their daughter's newfound role.

Lynne, describing Kyla as the "best thing" that has ever happened in their lives, expressed overwhelming love for their adorable bundle of joy. In a playful caption, she invited fans to share their thoughts on whether Kyla resembled her or Eric Omondi more.

"KYLA. You're soooo perfect and adorable, mama. Literally the best thing that has ever happened in mummy and daddy's lives. We love you soooo much," Lynne shared.

It's worth noting that the couple had experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage in November 2022. Lynne's pregnancy with Kyla became a symbol of hope and resilience, leading to affectionate references to her as their "rainbow baby" (a child born after miscarriage).

Previously, Eric Omondi had declared his intention to keep Kyla's face private, humorously stating that he would only reveal it for a fee of Ksh50 million. He emphasized economic challenges and proposed the fee as a lighthearted way to navigate tough times.

"Sura ya mtoto wangu ni ngumu sana kuiona nimeona nifanye bei rahisi ju economy ni mbaya so tufanye something affordable kama 50 million tuweke bei ya kawaida saizi life ni ngumu wacha tufanye bare minimum. Upatie mtoto 50 million we ukuwe wa kwanza kuonyeshana sura ya mtoi," Eric had earlier said.

In a past interview, Eric revealed his desire to have three daughters, sharing, "I have always wanted to have three daughters since I come from a home of boys alone. I want to get three daughters."

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