Military Court in DRC Sentences Member of Parliament to Death over Treason charges


Military Court in DRC Sentences Member of Parliament to Death over Treason charges

In a significant development, a member of parliament in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been handed a severe punishment by a military court. The individual, who is also the owner of a strategically important mining company, was sentenced to death on Friday in the capital city of Kinshasa. The charges brought against the parliamentarian include allegations of involvement in the M23 insurrectionary movement and treason.

During the trial, which took place in August, the prosecution had initially sought a sentence of life imprisonment for the accused, Édouard Mwangachuchu, who is 70 years old and represents the constituency of Masisi in the troubled North Kivu province.

The High Military Court, however, did not consider any mitigating factors for the defendant and proceeded with the maximum penalty of death. It is worth noting that Mwangachuchu was not present in court when the verdict was delivered.

The presiding judge of the High Court stated that the convicted individual was found guilty of multiple offenses, including the illegal possession of weapons and war munitions, active participation in the M23 insurrectionary movement, and committing treason against the state.

Mwangachuchu was apprehended on March 1 in Kinshasa, leading to his subsequent trial. His co-defendant, Robert Muchamalirwa, a police captain who faced charges of violating orders, was acquitted by the court, resulting in his immediate release.

This development has attracted significant attention in the DRC, with many closely following the outcome of the trial. The severity of the sentence reflects the gravity of the charges and underscores the government's determination to address issues related to insurrectionary movements and treason within the country.


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