Inside IGG’s Report on Speaker Among’s Wealth Declaration for President Museveni

The Inspectorate of Government intends to furnish President Museveni with a comprehensive report regarding Speaker of Parliament Anita Among's declaration of wealth. This report will encompass inquiries into allegations suggesting Among's ownership of properties in the United Kingdom and other assets. The announcement follows the UK Deputy Foreign Secretary Andrew Mitchell's imposition of sanctions on Among, along with former ministers Mary Goretti Kitutu and Agnes Nandutu, who are implicated in corruption cases involving the misappropriation of iron sheets meant for a government-funded housing project for vulnerable communities. Instead of serving their intended purpose, these materials were allegedly distributed among influential politicians and their families.

Experts in governance have voiced concerns, suggesting that Among could face significant repercussions if it's confirmed that she possesses undisclosed properties, possibly endangering her parliamentary seat, as failure to accurately declare assets is a serious offense under Ugandan law.

Human rights lawyer Nicholas Opiyo has expressed confidence in information shared with President Museveni by the British High Commissioner to Uganda, implying that it could clarify the validity of the allegations against Speaker Among. Meanwhile, Among has refuted the claims, asserting that she has only visited the UK once and does not own any property there. She perceives the sanctions as politically motivated, attributing them to her role as a scapegoat for the entire Ugandan population.

Governance expert Job Kijja emphasized the heightened scrutiny facing lawmakers, particularly in light of recent events like the social media parliamentary exhibition, warning that those implicated in the misuse of government funds will find little sympathy. He questioned whether Among has consistently disclosed all her assets to the Inspectorate of Government, suggesting potential breaches if she hasn't.

As the investigation progresses, attention is focused on President Museveni and the actions he might take in response to the report's findings. The resolution of this case carries significant implications for accountability and transparency within Uganda's political sphere.

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